Learning Outcomes for the English Major

After completing all of the classes (including independent studies, if any) that are required for the major in English, undergraduate students should be able to demonstrate good levels of achievement and comprehension in their:

1. Knowledge of foundational texts of British and American literature
2. Understanding of the historical and cultural range of literature written in English
3. Understanding of the development of the English language as used in works of literature
4. Understanding of strategies of textual interpretation appropriate to different literary genres
5. Ability to conduct and use literary research, to the point of achieving:
    * an overall thesis that pushes the argument beyond summary
    * accurate and sufficient evidence presented in a scholarly manner
    * proper disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research tools
    * clear and appropriate writing for a research paper 
6. Ability to write clearly and effectively    
To this end, English majors are asked to keep their papers (with instructor comments included) from the courses they take within the major.  During their Senior Seminar (ENGL 496A) capstone classes, they will be asked to (a) put together a portfolio of the most indicative of these papers (or copies of them) to show their progress in the major, and (b) write a reflective essay about the degree to which they have been able to accomplish the above objectives given the educational opportunities offered to them by our Department.  


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