Learning Games Initiative

The Learning Games Initiative is a transdisciplinary, multi-institutional research collective founded in 1999 that studies, teaches with, and builds computer games in educational contexts. This website, built on the Omeka CMS framework, coordinates LGI's massively distributed archive. At present, the archive contains:

  • Over 12,000 games;
  • 100+ game systems;
  • Thousands of scholarly, trade, and fan publications;
  • Hundreds of other artifacts representing the game industry's wide and deep incursion into global popular culture, from feature length films and soundtracks, to articles of clothing and comestibles, to private and corporate documents concerning various aspects of game design and development.

The LGI Research Archive (LGIRA) is open to all game researchers, no matter their ages or institutional affiliations. To set up an appointment or to consult with an archivist, contact one of the Co-Directors or Regional Directors:

Ken McAllister, University of Arizona

Judd Ruggill, Arizona State University

Regional Directors & Archivists
Jennifer deWinter, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Carly Kocurek, Illinois Institute of Technology

Matthew Thomas Payne, University of Alabama

Ryan Moeller, Utah State University

Jason Thompson, University of Wyoming

Partners in Crime
William A. Higinbotham Game Studies Collection, Stony Brook University


For more information please see the LGI website.


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