Graduate Students

Name Degree Program Interest
Benacquista, Jane PhD American Poetry
Bertenshaw, Madison MA South African literature and performance, gender and sexuality, transnational/postcolonial approaches to twentieth-century American literature, theater, and film
Bracewell, Connie PhD American Indian literature (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry), diaspora theory, cultural studies, popular culture, and Science Fiction.
Burstrem, Jessica PhD 20th-century and contemporary American literature, the novel, film, feminist theory, ethnic studies, mothering studies, and popular culture
Twentieth Century American literature and film, special emphasis in the Western genre
Chen, Grace MA Victorian poetry, gender studies, and popular culture
Coons, Jayda MA Late 19th/early 20th century British literature
Crumbo, Dan PhD Early Modern guy who dabbles in Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, and contemporary theory
Denham, Michelle PhD 20th-century and contemporary American literature, metanarrative and the novel
Donham, Housten PhD

Modern and contemporary American poetry; poetics; critical theory; film

Farrior, Marc        PhD       

20th-century and contemporary American literature, war literature, narrative theory, the novel, and cultural studies

Faulk, Jacqueline MA Modernism and gender and sexuality
Figler, Peter PhD The contemporary novel, poststructural and postmodern theory- especially involving power and subjectivity, postcolonial theory and literature
Fredericks, Sarah PhD

19th and 20th Century American literature, Southern literature, Mark Twain, American female writers, dystopian novels, American literary humor, and Shakespeare

Griffith, Holly MA

Multi-Ethnic American Literatures, feminist theory, American and Irish Drama; folklore

Happe, Marguerite MA classical and near Eastern civilizations, Irish literature, early modern literature and drama, script adaptation
Hughes, Grace MA

British and American modernism, critical theory, cultural studies, theories of subjectivity, modern identification with political and social movements. 

Iddings, Adam MA Cultural Studies, Literary Theory, Post-Colonial Studies
Inoue, Hiroyuki PhD

American literature; literature of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands; the novel; literature and place; ethnopoetics; Cormac McCarthy; Native American and Mexican-American literature

Jorgenson, David    MA Romantic and Victorian Era Poetry, Medieval and Renaissance Literature, Mythology and, most specifically, Arthurian Legend in all its myriad forms
Kim, Yuni   PhD    modern and contemporary British novels, gender and sexuality, cultural studies, and fine art
Knox, Hunter MA Working class literature, Marxism, 20th century avant-garde, cultural studies, cognitive studies
Kundert, Matt PhD 19th century American literature; American romanticism; American pragmatism (from Emerson to the neopragmatists); Richard Rorty
Labiner, Elizabeth MA Medieval and Renaissance literature, Romanticism, Gothic, the novel, and speculative fiction
LaGuardia, Jonathan PhD Contemporary literature and theory
Lovins, Mark                     PhD

Epic tradition, myth and legend, heroic archetypes, film and television adaptation, formal and cultural criticism

Lyons, Emily PhD 19th-early 20th century British literature; literature of the British Empire/the Empire in literature; colonialism and post-colonialism; women writers and feminist theory; gender studies; British science fiction, fantasy, and popular writing of the late 19th-early 20th centuries.
Miller, Emma Rose MA 19th century British fiction; monstrosity and the grotesque; British folklore; Scottish Literature; JM Barrie, intersections between gender, sexuality, Otherness, and the Abject.
Ogburn, Anne MA Medieval and Early Modern Literature, and ecocriticism
Osborne, James PhD Late 19th & 20th Century British and American Lit (Hardy; Conrad and his descendants; Literature[s] of the Vietnam War/Cold War); Film: Classical Hollywood; New Hollywood; Film Sound & Sound Design.
Pape, Lily MA 19th-Century British literature, female writers, Jane Austen, Victorian Literature, and modernism
PhD Theories of Subjectivity and Aesthetics in Romanticism; Evolution of Consciousness; Colonial and Postcolonial Literature and Theory
Rodriguez, Caitlin PhD 20th century American poetry; bodylore and pop culture; composition pedagogies
Ross, Safari PhD British Romanticism and the long 18th century, lyric poetry, genre and narrative theory, nature of death, community and the other
PhD Interests: Psychoanalytic Theory, Issues of Subjectivity, Comparative Literature (German)
Seliger, Jake MA 20th Century novels and narrative theory (also see and
Sloman, Chris MA 19th/20th Century American Literature; Narrative Theory; Postmodern Literature and Theory; Existentialism and the Solipsistic Protagonist
Smith, Christina MA 20th c. American poetry
Starkey, Tesica    MA    Colonial and Postcolonial literature and theory; cultural studies; gender studies; contemporary literary theory; multi-ethnic American literature
Swan, Jessamyn MA    Romantic, Gothic, and Victorian poetry and prose, particularly works by women writers; American and British Modern poetry; feminist and psychological literary criticism
Thomas, Emily PhD 20th century American poetry and drama, and Native American literature.  
PhD Postcolonial literature (South Asian) & 19th/20th c. British literature
PhD Shakespeare, Romanticism, literature of the American South, psychological approaches to literature
Tracy, Jordan PhD
Contemporary american poetry and the intersection of poetry with
the visual arts, particularly painting
Turner, Eli PhD 20th Century American literature, film, contemporary fiction, postmodern literature, short fiction, minority literature, magical realism, and cultural studies
Wallace, Heidi    PhD

American modernism, poetry, postmodernism, gender studies, critical theory, and postcolonial literature

Walsh, Christine PhD Avant-garde poetry, American Modernism, Gertrude Stein, autobiography
Wermers, James PhD Early modern British literature and culture w/ emphases in: metaphysics,epistemology, drama, and Catholic recusancy; Postcolonial theory; Cultural studies
Wiley, Jennifer PhD Long Eighteenth Century British
Literature and Shakespeare
Wilhoit, Sarah    MA    Victorian and Romantic literature, gender and cultural studies, children’s and adolescent literature, Post-structuralist and contemporary literary theory
Wine, Kimberly PhD Poetry and poetics, British and American Modernism, Modern Art Movements, The Vortex, W.B. Yeats.
Winet, Ryan PhD 19th and 20th century American poetry, posthuman theory
Yescas, Cesar PhD American literature, and I have been philosophically influenced by Marx, Nietzsche, Althusser, Lacan, and Foucault(to name a few)
Yu, Ying-Wen PhD

Contemporary American literature, Native American literature, Postmodernism, Animal and posthuman studies




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