Graduate Students

Name Degree Program Interest
Benacquista, Jane PhD American Poetry
Bodmer, Matthew PhD  
Brown, Angela MA 19th Century American Literature, especially as it relates to current social and environmental justice issues
Chabko, Violet PhD Contemporary experimental Anglo-American fiction (print multimodal, hypertext, and interactive fiction), post-structuralist and postmodern literary theory
Chen, Grace PhD Victorian poetry, gender studies, and popular culture
Clevinger, Aiden MA Early Modern
Christiansen, Christopher MA 18th/19th Century American Literature, Dark Romanticism, Religion and Philosophy, Film Studies
Chronister, Kay PhD Romanticism, the Gothic, novels by women, and psychoanalytic criticism
Coons, Jayda PhD Nineteenth century English novel, visual culture, and realism
Crevar, Nicole PhD Mexican American literature, Chicanx literature, contemporary American literature, poety
Donham, Housten PhD Twentieth century and contemporary American literature, cultural studies, film, poetics
D’Souza, Erika PhD Renaissance Studies: Art, Poetry and Drama; Gender Studies, Masculinity and Public Image
Ebeid, Dalia PhD Indigenous literatures, Nubian literature, women and gender studies, southwest literature, feminist oral history, and African American literature
Elliott, Vic MA Modernism, Postmodernism, and Contemporary literature and theory
Fakler, Catherine PhD  
Farrior, Marc PhD 20th-century and contemporary American literature, war literature, narrative theory, the novel, and cultural studies
Fredericks, Sarah PhD 19th and 20th Century American literature, Southern literature, Mark Twain, American female writers, dystopian novels, American literary humor, and Shakespeare
Hansen, Sovay PhD The English modern and Victorian novel, psycholinguistic theory, feminist criticism, the German modern novel and German studies
Harrison, Nathaniel MA  
Himes, Douglas MA Modernism, Critical Theory, 20th Century British Literature
Hughes, Grace PhD British and American modernism, critical theory, cultural studies, theories of subjectivity, modern identification with political and social movements. 
Johnson, Alexander MA

17th-century British prose concerning themes of theology, revolution, and melancholy as well as the works of John Milton

Kasper, Daniel PhD  
Kenney, Colleen MA

19th/20th Century American Literature & Poetry, Critical Theory, Modernism

Kim, Yuni PhD  
Kinnison, Dustin MA American and British literature and film; the novel; violence and subjectivity
Knox, Hunter PhD C19/20 American literature, Henry James, narrative theory, externalism and group mind
Kundert, Matthew PhD 19th century American literature; American romanticism; American pragmatism (from Emerson to the neopragmatists); Richard Rorty
Labiner, Elizabeth PhD early modern drama, literature, and history, censorship and theater, and the gothic
Laquardia, Jonathan PhD Contemporary literature and theory
Marshall, Breyant MA Postcolonial Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies
Mills, JoJene MA Literary criticism, Gender, Biography.
Negin, Andrew PhD Speculative fiction, archetypal criticism, visual narratives and interactive storytelling
Park, Seoyoung PhD

Modern and Contemporary American Poetry, Poetics and Aesthetics, Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Literary Translation

Retersdorf, Laura PhD  
Rischard, Mattius MA British and American modernism and gothicism, critical theory, cultural studies, working class literature, Marxism. Comparative literature (Russian). Film: German Expressionism and Soviet Realism, Classical Hollywood, Film Noir, Neo-Noir, and Horror. 
Roberts, Jennifer MA Romanticism; 20th Century British Literature
Rosenberry, Mary PhD 20th century and contemporary American literature, ecocriticism, cultural studies, American Indian literature
Safaeyan, Saghar PhD Contemporary Fiction Speculative Fiction
Salzer, Tim PhD  
Sims, Rachel PhD 19th-Early 20th Century British and Russian Literature, The Victorian Novel, 19th Century Russian Novel, Dostoevsky, Prison Literature, Marxism, and Narrative Theory
Sloman, Chris PhD 19th/20th Century American Literature; Narrative Theory; Postmodern Literature and Theory; Existentialism and the Solipsistic Protagonist
Stringham, Margaret MA  
Sullivan, Sydney MA Critical Theory
Thomas, Emily PhD 20th century American poetry and drama, and Native American literature.  
Turner, Eli PhD 20th Century American literature, film, contemporary fiction, postmodern literature, short fiction, minority literature, magical realism, and cultural studies
Wallace, Heidi PhD American modernism, poetry, postmodernism, gender studies, critical theory, and postcolonial literature
Walsh, Christine PhD 19th century American literature19th century American literature
Wang, Meng PhD American Environmental Literature &Eco-criticism; Ancient Chinese Philosophy 
Werneburg, Matthew MA Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Wilhoit, Sarah PhD

Speculative fiction, American Modernism, Gender and Women's Studies, and post-structuralist literary theory

Yescas, Cesar PhD American literature, and I have been philosophically influenced by Marx, Nietzsche, Althusser, Lacan, and Foucault(to name a few)
Young, Jessica PhD Postcolonial studies, Gender and Women's Studies
Yu, Ying-wen PhD Contemporary American literature, Native American literature, Postmodernism, Animal and posthuman studies
Zhang, Ruixue PhD Victorian poetry, Romanticism, psychoanalysis, cultural studies
Zhu, Amanda MA  



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