The Goals of the Creative Writing Major

The following goals and statements were created by the Creative Writing faculty to help students better understand the aims of the major.
1. To educate students in the aesthetic credos and literary styles of diverse eras and cultures, toward the further development of their own sensibilities.
2. To teach students how to read critically as writers – to understand other writers’ craft, purposes, and aesthetic choices, toward the creation of the students’ own original works.
3. To offer students the opportunity for frequent and extensive writing, guided by teachers, supported by classmates, building upon reading and study, in order to provide an apprenticeship in the art.
To help faculty assess the success of these goals, students will be asked in their 400-level writing workshop (ENGL 401, 404 or 409) to reflect on the extent to which they had the opportunity to meet these goals, as well as the extent to which they feel they achieved them. Such reflections will take the form of brief letters submitted at the end of the advanced workshop. Ongoing student assessment of the major will enable faculty to better understand the major’s strengths and weaknesses, and to consider revision of the requirements when necessary.



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