General MA Portfolio Exam

Guidelines for the General MA  Portfolio Exam

The General MA Portfolio Exam consists of a reflective statement and three substantive papers, or their equivalent, written for courses taken during the student’s program of study. Instructors for whom the papers were written must specify in writing that the essays meet the standards of a Masters Degree (click here for approval paper). The reflective statement should be a 750- to 1250-word essay that includes the following considerations:

   • Reflection on any changes and/or growth between time before entering the program and now.
   • Relevance of your particular course work to your teaching.
   • Future plans for professional development: formal courses, dialogue with teacher colleagues, changing curriculum in your school, etc.

By the fifth week of the semester in which they intend to take the exam, students will submit to the evaluation committee a one-page prospectus that specifies how the portfolio is to be configured.

The exam committee will be composed of English Department Graduate Program Directors.

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