Fall 2018 Undergraduate Teaching Opportunities

The undergraduate program is requesting applications for the following classes.  These classes are listed by the program administering the calls, though programs are encouraged to consider graduate students and career-track faculty from other programs if suitable candidates do not emerge from their own program.

Application instructions, deadlines, and selection criteria are managed by the programs administering the calls.  Please contact the relevant program director for application materials and information. 


Contact: Ander Monson (ander@email.arizona.edu)

201 Intro to Creative Nonfiction – 3 sections
209 Intro to Poetry – 3 sections
210 Intro to Fiction – 4 sections
304 Intermediate Fiction -- 1 sections


Contact: Jonathon Reinhardt (jonrein@email.arizona.edu)

No sections this term.


Contact: Lynda Zwinger (lyndaz@email.arizona.edu)

280 Introduction to Literature -- 3 sections
300 Literature and Film -- TA, 1 section
380 Literary Analysis -- 1 section
431B Shakespeare -- 1 section

For 307, 308, and 313 contact Ann Shivers-McNair (shiversmcnair@email.arizona.edu); for all others, contact Cristina Ramirez (cristinaramirez@email.arizona.edu)
Professional and Technical Writing (307, 308, 313) applications are available here.  Note: both graduate students and career-track lecturers are invited to apply to PTW classes.

307 Business Writing --
308 Technical Writing --
313 Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing --
414 Advanced Scientific Writing --







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