Faculty Resources

APR Criteria for Tenure-Eligible Faculty

APR Criteria for Lecturers in the Writing Program

APR Criteria for NTE Professors: Coming Soon!

Conduct of Annual Performance Reviews in SBS
Faculty Awards and Honors
List of links for Faculty Awards and Honors, Teaching Awards, University Awards for Excellence and SBS Staff Awards, and Honors Distinguished Fellows Program.
P&T Criteria

P&T Procedures

SBS Faculty-Related Policies
Links regarding Faculty-Related Polices through the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.
SBS Promotion & Tenure and Continuing Status Promotion
Links and guidlines
UA Vitae
Online system for faculty annual reviews.  Includes helpful links and contact information to assist you with this process.  


Academic Year 2017-2018 Faculty Course Request and Assignment Process

Request For Affiliation
This form may be filled out by UA faculty interested in requesting formal affiliation with the Department of English.

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of the Department of English *NEW*

List of Signators

Constitution of the Department of English (2015)
Employee Reimbursement Request
Council Meeting Minutes

September 22, 2017 *NEW*

April 7, 2017

For Review:

Department Meeting Minutes

March 3, 2017
WIRe - Writing Instructors' Resource
Spring 2018 Schedule of Undergraduate Classes
Fall 2017 UG Schedule Input
Fall 2017 Grad Schedule Input
*NEW* Summer 2017 English Undergraduate Schedule of Classes
Census (21st) Day Spring 2017
Disability Resource Center
Fall 2016 Undergraduate Census Enrollment Report
Graduate Course Syllabus Policy
UG Syllabus Template In-Person Courses
Undergraduate syllabus template (updated 1/25/16)
Undergraduate Course Syllabus Policy
Undergraduate course syllabus policy (updated 1/25/16)
Research Gateway
Links and information regarding funding opportunities, Global Initiatives, and Provost's Office.
Confluencenter Main Page
This campus-wide research institute offers grants to faculty and graduate students.
SBSRI Main Page
The college's research institute offers grants and research leaves to faculty in SBS.

Travel Authorization Form

Travel Authorization Information
Click on this link for questions about the Travel Authorization process.
International Travel
Fill out this form in addition to the Travel Authorization form if you are traveling internationally.










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