EGU Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Meetings take place biweekly in room 1 of the Department of English Instructor Offices (the Pink Hotel located at 1515 E. 1st Street). Please see below for our upcoming schedule. 

Meeting Schedule - Spring 2019:
Jan. 18 at 4:00PM
Feb. 1 at 2:30PM
Feb. 15 at 2:30PM
Mar. 1 at 2:30PM
Mar. 15 at 2:30PM
Mar. 29 at 2:30PM
Apr. 12 at 2:30PM
Apr. 26 at 2:30PM
Below are the meeting minutes from AY2018-19. If you would like access to the minutes from past academic years, please email the EGU Co-chairs at


File attachments: 


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