The CV

                                                                                      YOUR NAME

Your address & contact info here                                                                         Department of English
(phone #s and email address)                                                                            The University of Arizona                                                                                                                                                    Tucson, AZ    85721
                                                                                                                                     (520) 621-1836

List all of your degrees here, beginning with most recent, as well as any directed study abroad. Also list degrees in progress, and indicate which degrees are still pending by enclosing them with brackets.

[MA] List concentration, name of institution, date expected.
If you have already received an MA & wrote a master's
thesis, then include thesis title and possibly committee here.

B.A. (Same information and order as listing for MA and/or PhD Include major, institution, date. Also include any honors attached to your degree-e.g. magna cum laude, or "graduated with honors," etc. (Remember anything in Latin should be italicized.)

DISSERTATION: If you are a PhD student working on your dissertation, then list its title here, followed by a brief abstract (optional), name of Director, and (optional) a list of committee members.


List title of fellowships, grants, awards, or honors (graduate school and beyond), name of granting institution or organization, and date received. Also list brief description that explains the honor itself and (optional) how competitive the award was (i.e., sole recipient, one of two recipients, presented annually to a single recipient, or graduate students from all disciplines across campus are nominated, etc.).


Here, list your interests and fields in which you are qualified to teach. You want to show flexibility and range, but also focus (particularly with respect to research). Ideally, when you go on the job market, this section will highlight what pertains to the particular job opening. Whatever you list should be backed up with experience or educational preparation.


Here, list courses taught in reverse chronology. Include a course title (standard as well as creative), a course number, and a very brief description (two or three lines at most). Descriptions may highlight course content, number or diversity of student body, and themes or major authors on which you focused. Also list date & institution. Only include university teaching here.

[Related Employment: this category should list only positions pertinent to the academic world: e.g., work as a research assistant, editor, or journalist.]


List, following MLA citation style, in reverse chronological order, omitting author's name unless the publication is co-authored. Include categories such as Forthcoming, Under Consideration and In Progress. Describe the kind and extent of your work on jointly authored or edited works. If you have more than one kind of publication, divide into categories: Book(s); Articles; Book Chapters, etc. If you have published creative writing, include it as a separate category.


List in reverse chronology. Give title, panel title if relevant, conference, location, and date.

List work done on departmental committees, for conferences, for EGU, and in other academically related areas. Follow each with very brief description unless the category is self-explanatory. (On faculty c.v.s, this category is typically divided into sub-headings: Departmental, College, University, Community (service relevant to your professional profile), National.)


Here is an opportunity to list any work which is related to your profession, but was performed outside your regular university load: upward bound programs, high school curricular reform, community college activity, summer programs at the university, etc.


List and specify extent of your ability (e.g. "proficient reading and speaking"; fluent reading and speaking; intermediate reading, beginner reading and speaking, etc.). Include Old and Middle English, if appropriate. Here you might also add Related Academic Proficiencies, such as a knowledge of computer conferencing, web site design, etc. [Related optional category: Foreign Travel and Research ]


List title of organization, and dates of membership (e.g., 1999 - present).


List name of recommender, title, and institutional contact info (name, departmental address, phone, email). Specify address where your dossier is available (e.g. UA Career Services).



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