Current Officers

EGU Officers - Fall 2016


Jayda Coons (Lit) and Roberto Reyes (RCTE)

Secretary: Emily Thomas (Lit) /

Program Reps:

Creative Writing: Eshani Agrawal /

Literature: Sovay Hansen /

RCTE: Alejandra Ramirez  /

E/AL: Quetzal Ramirez /

SLAT: Laurel Schenkoske /

First Year Rep: Jeroen Gevers (SLAT) /

WriPACA Rep: Stefan Vogel (SLAT) /

Graduate and Professional Student Council Rep: Daniel Kasper (Lit) /

Undergrad English Curriculum Committee Rep: Catherine Fakler (Lit) /

Graduate Literature Curriculum Committee Rep: Chris Sloman (Lit) /

RCTE Curriculum Committee Rep: Angelia Giannone (RCTE) /

Graduate Student Organizing Committee Rep

EGU D & I Co-Chairs: Adele Leon (RCTE) /






College of Social and Behavioral Sciences