Crossroads Collaborative Research

Our Unique Research Approach

Instead of taking pre-determined or already established research agendas to a community, our work is developed with the community to address and inform areas relevant to them. Our collaborative work has resulted in qualitative, quantitative and expressive data and products that amplify youth voice by powerfully combining stories and numbers.


“…one out of five kids was not sure if he or she had bullied someone. Just hearing a young person ask that basic question means we can then have action and collaborate and articulate a shared understanding of what it means to exclude and bully people.”

Stephen T. Russell, Ph.D., University of Arizona


Making a Difference 

Our approach simultaneously creates knowledge and applies learning to community engagement and expression through a variety of youth-driven mediums, including videography, social media, writing, direct advocacy, and other expressions of voice. By doing so, we advance research, graduate training, and public conversation—and, ultimately, social change in the area of youth, sexuality, health and rights. 


“It’s all about being fierce, about love and about excitement. When we are all together this is what we are… we will be the ones who will make the change because we are together.” 
Fernando, sexuality scholar and youth



Research: To understand what and how young people learn about sexuality (in family, school, and new media contexts) – including the opportunities, constraints, and inequalities that characterize their learning – as it is implicated in their health and well-being (including emotional, physical, and sexual health and academic success).

Training: To train scholars to work collaboratively across disciplines, and with community and youth partners to conduct high-quality, policy-relevant research.

Communications: To inform (and change) local and national policies and practices for youth sexuality and health (including education in schools, through community programs, and development of new media and other resources for youth and their families). 



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