Crossroads Collaborative Photos

Tucson Youth Poetry Slam Championship (April 2012)

Youth from Tucson share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences through monthly poetry slams.  Six youth from the championship slam will compete in the upcoming, Brave New Voices International poetry slam to be held in California in July 2012. *Photos by Jenna Vinson

Queer Monolgues (April 2012) & Queer Monologues Prep @ Eon (March 2012)

Tucson youth prepare and present the Queer Youth Monologues. This event was a multimodal, multigenre community performance where youth shared their perspectives on healthy sexuality and sexual health at the intersections of racial, economic, gender, and sexual justice. *Photos by Adela C. Licona

Youth's Petitions to Huppenthal (April 2011)

Youth exercise their right to seek knowledge by writing petitions to Arizona's Superintendent of Public Instruction, John Huppenthal who supports the ban on Ethnic Studies from the Tucson Unified School District. *Photos by Adela C. Licona

GSA Advocacy & Youth Leadership Academy and Queer Youth Advocacy Day (April 2011)

Youth from Southern Arizona and Northern California meet up in Sacramento, CA join the GSA Advocacy & Youth Leadership Academy 2011.  Here youth learn about speaking up about issues central to their lives. *Photos by Adela C. Licona


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