Crossroads Collaborative New Media Projects

No More Ignorant Love
Enrique Garcia, slam poet and participant from the Nuestra Voz Summer Camp (NVSC) shares his views on Abstinence Only sex education.

Let's Talk About Sex Ed
Tucson youth from Eon, Kore Press, and the NVSC share their views on how Abstinence Only sex education in Arizona failed them.

"Works-in-Progress or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love" 
This film is about relationships, beauty, sexuality, sex, sex ed, boys, girls, media, and media standards.  It opened for the Tucson screening of "Miss Representation" at the Loft Cinema on Saturday, October 1, 2011. This film was produced and directed by Lindsey Bressler, Michelle, Ceballos, Marigold Hall, and Aida Villarreal-Licona as part of the Kore Press Grrls Literary Activism Workshops and was co-facilitated by Kimi Eisele and Jamie A. Lee.


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences