Andie Francis (MFA Poetry 2013) has been named First Runner-up in CutBank's annual Chapbook Contest

Andie Francis (MFA Poetry 2013) has been named First Runner-up in CutBank's annual Chapbook Contest. Her chapbook, "I Am Trying to Show...

Jon Riccio (MFA) has a new poem out

Jon Riccio has a new poem, "Rent Boy at Street Fair" up at Petrichor Review...

Cathy de la Cruz's (MFA 2014) new short story

New short short story in Whiskey Paper by Cathy de la Cruz (MFA 2014)


Kate Bernheimer on NPR’s All Things Considered

All Things Considered – July 18, 2014

Since October tens of thousands of unaccompanied children have been taken into custody at the U. S. Mexican border. ...

Bird's Thumb recently interviewed Jon Riccio (MFA 2015)

Bird's Thumb recently interviewed Jon Riccio (MFA 2015)

Matthew Schmidt's (MFA 2015) poem, "Square Pockets," has been published

Matthew Schmidt's poem, "Square Pockets," appears in the print and online version of Small Po[r]tions...

Jon Riccio's (MFA 2015) poem, "The Mood Room," to be published

 Jon Riccio's (MFA 2015) poem, "The Mood Room," will appear in the print version of the second issue of Small Po[r]tions.


Cathy de la Cruz (MFA 2014) has a new short short story

Cathy de la Cruz (MFA 2014) has a new short short story in Whiskypaper


Alison Hawthorne Deming's new nonfiction book out in early fall

Alison Hawthorne Deming's new nonfiction book Zoologies: On Animals and Human Spirit will be out in early fall.

Two essays by Jan Bindas-Tenney (MFA 2015) to be published

Jan Bindas-Tenney's essay "How to do Laundry" is forthcoming in Issue #9 of Cactus Heart Press and her essay "Bow Down Bitches" is featured as part of a queer summer web feature in CutBank ...


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