Convergences Film Series

Fall 2013 Film and Film-maker Visit, Co-sponsored with the Honors College, GWS and LGBT Studies

Allison de Fren is a professor of Visual Studies at Occidental College who wrote and directed a fascinating documentary—The Mechanical Bride —which explores the sex doll industry and the affective ties that men in the US and Japan have to these dolls.  The documentary connects imaginaries of the artificial female, the uncanny valley concept in Artificial Intelligence research and imaginaries of post-humanism.  Allison is also writing a manuscript based on her dissertation which theorizes the uncanny body through a cultural history of artificial females in film and literature. 

  • Oct 1 Film Screening, 7 p.m., Center for Creative Photography auditorium
  • Oct. 2 de Fren lecture, "Disarticulations of the Artificial Female," 7 p.m. Place TBA


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences