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Convergences 2012-2013: The Technological Sublime 2.0

What is "the technological sublime"? Does it suggest that nature no longer produce the sublime but only built artifacts can? Or that they both can produce the sublime, but in ways complicated by the human fingerprint on the non-human world? When, how and why does this concept arise and how does it relate to the tradition of critical thinking and the sublime? In short, how can we use this construct as a way to better understand our relationships with technology, nature and the sublime?  

  • Dr. Gerrold Hogle opened the 2012-13 Convergences panel giving an overview sense of the sublime. Here is a PDF of his notes.
  • Acclaimed science-fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson was the keynote speaker for the New Directions 2013 conference and a capstone presenter for our year on "The Technological Sublime 2.0."  He spoke at the Poetry Center on Friday, April 5, 2013; click HERE to watch!
  • On Feb. 20, 2013, Jennifer Peeples, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, gave a talk on "the toxic sublime."   As a resource for students and faculty, she has graciously allowed us to post her lecture notes from the talk as well as her slides featuring many illustrative images. 



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