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  • The CCIT Facilities (the Center for Computing and Information Technology, Room 236, Mountain and Speedway) provide GATs with pod space for conferences with your students (and a place to study). CCIT also houses computers and printers for your work or for teaching prep. You can obtain a user and password for these computers from the IT staff in the main English Department.  There is also a computer and printer for teaching use in ML 453.  You may get the code for Ml 453 from the front desk staff.  The computers are there to support your teaching.  Personal printing should be done elsewhere.

A couple of regulations and tips for using CCIT: You’ll need your CatCard to enter CCIT after hours. Contact the front desk in ML 445 (621-3287) about your CatCard (to be sure its code is linked up to the security devices). The front desk at CCIT is staffed from 8 – 4 Monday through Friday during the semester. If you want to reserve one of the several Conference Rooms for meetings with your students, ask the desk staff to sign you up for these time slots. (The desk staff asks that GATs leave the furniture in the Conference Rooms.)

If you hold office hours after 4pm, be aware that the door to 236 will be locked until 8am the next morning. Your students can contact you through the house phone (right-hand side of the door) so you can let them into the room. Be sure to give your students the phone number of your pod, and let them know the procedure for after-hours entrance to 236. Please do not prop open doors as this trigger an alarm.

The Barry Briggs Lounge in CCIT is the coolest, quietest place to relax, eat some chow, or crash for a few hours on the most comfortable couch in Tucson. Feel free to browse the shelves of the Briggs Library, which contain all sorts of good books and periodicals for all interests. Please do not meet with students in the Briggs Lounge.
If you have a problem with one of the computers in CCIT, contact the front desk, ML 445 (621-1836).  The computers in CCIT are for graduate students only. Do not conference with students in the computer area.

  • Modern Languages Library in Room 453 houses several computers and printers as well as books and periodicals of interest to graduate students and faculty. Please keep the lounge area clean. The keypad code may change periodically; contact the office staff in ML 445 for the code. The Lounge is for English department graduate students and faculty only. It is not available as a place for student conferences. 
  • COHLab: The College of Humanities Dean’s Office has enhanced the computing equipment in Modern Languages 512 to support COH faculty and graduate teaching assistants who would like to develop and integrate various forms of computer technology into their courses and curricula.  ML 512 is the primary working space for graduate students and faculty developing instructional materials. The lab is equipped with 14 PCs, 3 MACs and two multi-page scanners, as well as the latest web-development, application-development, graphics, desktop publishing, and database-development software. To obtain access to ML 512, please fill out the on-line application form, which can be found at the following web address:


  •    The English Department provides an array of equipment for classroom use, including laptop computers, overhead projectors, a 16mm film projector, CD player/tape recorder, VCRs, Laser Disc Players, Digital Cameras, and Slide Projectors. For information on borrowing these, contact the office staff at 621-1836, and give at least 3 days notice for equipment you need. The UA Main Library has a fine collection of 16mm and VHS videotapes for instructional or personal use. Consult the Reserve Desk staff about their holdings.


  • CATS at UA Bookstore sells a variety of computer hardware and software and can also answer questions about technical problems. CATS can be reached via the web at / or at 621-8874.


  • ua.InfoSec Update News is published monthly by the University Information Technology Services. The News covers developments in technology on campus, offers advice, and provides sources for help and information about computing.  Their website is:
  • Lo Que Pasa, the faculty and staff newspaper is available online via the main UA website.  It is a helpful source of current university developments, issues, and events.



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