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The Community Literacy Journal publishes both scholarly work that contributes to the field’s emerging methodologies and research agendas and work by literacy workers, practitioners, and community literacy program staff. We are especially committed to presenting work done in collaboration between academics and community members.

We understand “community literacy” as the domain for literacy work that exists outside of mainstream educational and work institutions. It can be found in programs devoted to adult education, early childhood education, reading initiatives, lifelong learning, workplace literacy, or work with marginalized populations, but it can also be found in more informal, ad hoc projects.

For us, literacy is defined as the realm where attention is paid not just to content or to knowledge but to the symbolic means by which it is represented and used. Thus, literacy makes reference not just to letters and to text but to other multimodal and technological representations as well.



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Michael Moore, DePaul University
John Warnock, University of Arizona


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Melissa Pompos, University of Central Florida


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Eric Plattner, DePaul University
Rachael Wendler, University of Arizona
Stephanie Vie, Fort Lewis College

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