Annual Review

All students in RCTE except (1) those in the incoming class, and (2) those completing their Qualifying Portfolios, must complete an Annual Review, which is to be submitted not later than the first day of classes in the fall semester. You will not be submitting your first Annual Review until your 5th semester.
In the three parts of the Review, you are asked to:
1.      Write (or revise) your Vita.
2.      Locate your position in the program.
3.      Write a reflective essay on your professional growth this year.

If you are writing your dissertation, please submit your CV, a short memo characterizing where you are with the dissertation and when you expect to finish, and the Annual Review cover sheet.

If you are on the job market, please simply submit your CV, a draft of a letter of application, and the Annual Review cover sheet.

Please always be sure to attach the Annual Review cover sheet before submitting your review.


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences