Although the ELL program is housed in the English Department, it is affiliated with several programs across the U of Arizona. MA/ESL students benefit from opportunities to take elective courses at the graduate level from a variety of departments, with Master’s and Doctoral students from a variety of programs, from accomplished professors in a variety of fields. Students in the MA/ESL program have taken coursework in programs across campus, including Anthropology, Cognitive Science, Critical Languages Program, East Asian Studies, English, French and Italian, German Studies, Linguistics, Near Eastern Studies, Psychology, Russian and Slavic Studies, Spanish and Portuguese, and Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies. Activities on campus sponsored by different departments and programs, including lecture series, colloquia, and conferences, offer ELL students a rich intellectual environment to complement their studies.


The internationally known, highly ranked Second Language Acquisition and Teaching doctoral degree program is an interdisciplinary program, designed to provide rigorous advanced training for researchers, teachers, and administrators concerned with second language acquisition, learning, and teaching. Students focus on second language analysis, processes and learning, use, or pedagogical theory and program administration. Successful graduates of the MA ESL program are given preferential consideration for acceptance into SLAT, with a GPA of 3.5, 2 letters of recommendation from SLAT-affiliated faculty, and a source of funding--students who have Writing Program GATships may carry them over into their doctoral studies. MA students going on to SLAT may also transfer up to 24 credit hours of MA ESL coursework towards PhD in SLAT requirements.


The Center for English as a Second Language is an accredited, highly considered Intensive English Program with over 100 students from all over the world. Students come to CESL to improve their English skills for a variety of reasons, for example, to gain entrance to American universities. CESL serves as a teaching laboratory for MA/ESL students, and has several program graduates employed as ESL instructors.


The Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language and Literacy is a Title VI Language Resource Center funded by the U.S. Department of Education. It supports the educational community and the nation by providing resources and research focused on culture, language and literacy in less commonly taught languages.


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences