English Language and Linguistics


A. APPLIED LINGUISTICS (3 CH). Engl 596o is recommended to meet this requirement.

English 596o: Introduction to Applied Linguistics: Applied linguistics is the main research base for TESOL and foreign language teaching. It is also an interdisciplinary field with strong influences from psychology, sociology, anthropology, education, and cognitive science.  In this course, we will get a wide-ranging view of applied linguistics, from its primary theoretical assumptions to its primary research methods to its primarily applications.

B. TESOL METHODS (3 CH). Engl 555 is recommended to meet this requirement.

English 555: Introduction to TESOL: The course will provide a general overview of the TESL profession covering prominent theories, methodologies, and issues in the field. Coursework will cover the major methods, including Grammar-Translation, the Direct Method, Audiolingualism, and Communicative Language Teaching. In addition, issues of learner variables, motivation, and contexts of teaching and learning will also be addressed. Students will participate in mock lessons, tutoring sessions, and observations.

C. PEDAGOGICAL ENGLISH GRAMMAR (3 CH). Engl 506 is recommended to meet this requirement.

English/SLAT 506: Applied English Grammar: The goal of this course is to present essential components necessary to an understanding of English grammar. We will see an overview of a variety of English language structures. We will develop a basic knowledge of ESL/EFL pedagogical grammar, become familiar with major grammatical structures, patterns, and categories as well as grammatical terminology.

D. RESEARCH METHODS (3 CH). Engl 596j is recommended to meet this requirement.

English/SLAT 596j: Second Language Acquisition Research: This course is designed to explore the nature of research in SLA and to help situate students theoretically and methodologically in this research domain. The focus is on classroom-oriented research in various educational settings, which investigates both qualitative and quantitative approaches to research and processes of conducting research, from identifying problems, formulating research questions, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data, to writing up research for presentation and publication.

E. SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION (3 CH). English 615 is recommended to meet this requirement:

English/SLAT 615: Second Language Acquisition Theory: This course is designed to present an overview of the field of second language acquisition, the study of how second and foreign languages are learned after a first language has already been acquired. SLA is a broad subfield of linguistics with many interesting and exciting areas of research.

F. MATERIALS/CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AND/OR ASSESSMENT (3 CH). A regularly taught course that meets this requirement includes:

English/SLAT 613: Methods of TESOL (Advanced): The first half of this course will cover the basics of developing materials for English language teaching and issues related to curriculum design and development. The second half of the course will focus on ESL/EFL assessment and related issues like standards and testing.

G. CTW ELECTIVE: Either CULTURE, TECHNOLOGY, or WRITING AND L2 PEDAGOGY (3 CH). Regularly taught courses that meet this requirements include:

English/SLAT 589: Internet Technologies in L2 Teaching and Learning: This course explores theory, practice, and pedagogical application of the latest Internet and computer technologies in second/foreign language education, including synchronous and asynchronous chat, blog, wiki/collaborative docs, audio (podcasting), video, virtual world/digital gaming, mobile/handheld computing, and social networking technologies.

English 596o: Second Language Writing: Second language writing is a growing area of interdisciplinary study that draws on insights from applied linguistics, second language studies, and writing studies. This course will provide an overview of the theory and practice of second language writing. We will explore topics such as L2 writing processes and development, L2 texts, biliteracy, pedagogical approaches and strategies, culture, and identity.

English 596o: English in a Global Context: With its history, spread, and status, English is in many ways unique in the global linguistic landscape. In this course, we will critically examine many issues related to English and the teaching of English, including world Englishes, the sociopolitics of English language teaching, English and globalization, and the notion of the native speaker.

H. CAPSTONE EXPERIENCE (3 CH): Either 693a or 599

English 693a: Applied ESL: This course incorporates observation, reflection, and practicum experiences in local intensive English, refugee, and community literacy programs with discussion of classroom teaching and management techniques.

English 599: Independent Study: Students completing an independent study as part of their Capstone will complete an empirical research project and write a 30-page paper that reports on the project, directed by a program faculty.

I. ELECTIVES (6 CH). Students take two additional courses that match more closely their own teaching and research interests. These are usually taken from the SLAT course list, which is available on the SLAT website [http://www.coh.arizona.edu/slat/]. CTW courses not taken for the CTW requirement can count as electives. GATs may count their Preceptorship (English 591) as one 3 CH elective.